As a physician and a surgeon, I am concerned about the health of my patients, family and friends. When I was introduced to the inLife alternative smoking device, I was instantly impressed, and found, what I believe to be the answer to a common problem. Here is a product that can be used as an alternative, and that makes sense. The product delivers a level of nicotine, water vapor, flavor and Propylene Glycol through a water mist that looks, feels and tastes very much like tobacco smoke. The vapor simply evaporates into thin air. No combustible. The user is technically free to use it most anywhere. While it is true that nicotine is not for everyone (certain conditions demand that nicotine must be avoided) it is also addictive. However, the availability of this great product returns one's freedom to enjoy choices once again. - Dr. Arnold Shinder


joe “In 15 years of network marketing I have never seen a product so viral. Duplication is the key to networking and this has been the easiest product and program for even the first time networker to succeed at. I have many distributors on my team who have never had success in networking and with inLife they are experiencing the success they only dreamed of. I love this company and product. This is the most fun I have ever had in networking, I am having a blast.” - Joe Slovenec


This is one of the most powerful products I have ever come acrose with in my life. Thank you very much for making this incredible products available for everyone. The opportunity is awesome. I will continue to update you as my team and I continue to progress.

keep moving forward



veronica Being a part of inLife has been one of the best decisions I have made for my life. This business has brought me immediate success on so many levels, not only financial but also a new career, new friendships, stepping into a leadership role and certainly more self confidence! Promoting this product has been more fun than I could have ever imagined and when you are using the product in public, people actually come up to you for information! There is no more chasing people down to "sell" them something, this product literally sells itself! This is the most amazing product that I have ever seen through a network marketing program. I am offered several network marketing businesses on a weekly basis and I always respectfully decline because I could never find a product that I could get passionate about or that I truly believed in. This is a product that helps to give smokers an alternative choice,, , saves them money, offers an opportunity to create an amazing income AND helps preserve the environment as well! This is a true win/win for all! I am so proud and grateful to be living the "inLife"! - Veronica J. Kolibab


tony I have never seen anything like this in over 30 years of network marketing! In October of 2008, I was introduced to a new opportunity described as "something a bit different"--Electronic Cigarettes, from a Company called InLife.

A few weeks later I heard a presentation where the Electronic Cigarette was demonstrated. I observed that almost everyone in the room simultaneously sit up straight and observe with keen interest and curiosity. Amazingly, the product presentation was only 60 seconds long and I came away with two impressions I recognized as ingredients for success: Curiosity and Simplicity.

I then went to work and sponsored five distributors. After three weeks--something caught my attention, causing me to be even more excited and focused--my organization had double figures on my 7th level! It was duplicating unlike anything I had seen in 30 plus years. Why? It is such a viral product introduced at the right time in a company guided by a seasoned Ownership Group. In addition, several ingredients have made for a "Perfect Storm" in terms of marketing and success: Smokers concerned with cigarettes odor; smoking bans and the increasing cost of traditional cigarettes. Also, in these tough economic times, many are looking for a viable business opportunity. People with no or very limited direct sales experience are now enjoying significant success and having fun doing it!

In the first six months, I acquired over 4000 people in my organization and I am privileged to have a hand in helping them achieve all of their dreams. Thank you InLife!

- Tony Mosack


lee Inlife has made a serious impact in many areas of my life. Because of the Inlife electronic cigarette, I was able to help my youngest brother to make a choice to replace tobacco cigarettes with a logical alternative. This alone was worth the effort of getting involved with Inlife all together. But it gets even better. I have had the opportunity to positively impact many more people and their families, by intoruducing to them the Inlife products. And, what I find to be most amazing, I get compensated for doing this.

Inlife has also provided me the opportunity to enjoy life from a perspective that most people only dream about. For me, being a distributor of Inlife, is not considered a job. I love talking to people about what I have to offer them, both financially and life changing. When you love to do something, like what I found in Inlife, your dream opportunity has arrived. Getting paid to do what you enjoy is awesome.

To sum it up, Inlife has given me the time I have always wanted with my bride and my kids. It gives me the flexibility to work when I want to work, and play when I want to play. I am compensated for doing what I enjoy and I am able to impact many lives along the way. This is what life is all about.

- H.L. “Lee” Philips


peter Since that day I first heard about inLife, I have never looked back. I signed up to be an independent distributor that same afternoon and ordered both the Prestige and the Elite packs at once. Having lost sleep that evening over the possibilities surrounding this product, I ordered a 15 unit biz pack the very next day.

I spent the next 3 months contacting everyone I knew personally and expanding that effort to total strangers every where I went. I was shocked to see many people drawn to the products and the business plan!

Friends were talking to friends who were talking to strangers who were talking to their friends. And now, just six months later, we have thousands of people in our business and a life changing "supplemental" income which is quickly turning "primary."

Without a doubt and in my opinion, this is by far the most "viral" product ever to be introduced into a network marketing model. inLife has created a simple to follow method and now people from all walks of life approach us and ask us where THEY can get one too! It has been an answer to prayer for me and my family.

- Peter J. French


ray05 I have been actively involved with InLife for several months now. People on my team are as excited as I am! I have NEVER seen a product like InLife in my life!! Being in the Entertainment Industry, I see first hand how many people are smoking. That is precisely what makes this product so life changing. How many products do you know of that you can take almost anywhere, demo it... and have people instantly curious about it. That is what happened to me! I believe in InLife's mission of giving people an alternative to smoking. I believe that InLife is a "light" in a VERY dark world. There is hope out there for smokers... there is hope out there for those that are struggling financially.....there is something out there that I can be a part of and make a difference in the lives of those I care about... That hope.. that something... is INLIFE!!! - Ray Reynolds


inLife has drastically changed my financial situation in a very positive way. If it were not for InLife, I would really be hurting right now.

With the recent down turn in the American business climate, coupled with the credit crunch, my income from my regular job has been cut in half. This would have been a disaster for me had it not been for InLife. This company has been a “God send” for me and my family.

What I have lost in commissionable income at work, I have been able to replace with my inLife income. This has come with allot of hard work and an attitude that would not give up. It has given me a huge sense of accomplishment. I believe that it will only get better.

- Ross Jaramillo


Thank you so much for introducing me to this cigarette thing. I have smoked for 53 years of my life and smoked at least 25 cigarettes a day. My intentions were not to quit, but so that I could smoke when I go out without disturbing anyone around me. I have gone from 25 cigarettes to 6 a day and with each day I am finding myself using my inLife product instead and avoiding the horrible smell that accompanied my old cigarettes. I certainly can't wait to tell my doctor. I am now a walking advertisement for InLife! Everyone wants to know where I got it. Thanks again, Charles Petery


The first few weeks have been remarkable. I have found that the product generates a great deal of attention due to both its uniqueness and the expansion of laws restricting tobacco use. I have been amazed at how people react when they consider the business potential associated with inLife and I am now involved in helping others to achieve their goals.  The future looks to be incredible. A unique product, simple yet powerful compensation structure and quality people make this truly a great opportunity. Thank you for giving me this chance. 

--Terry Gourley


brian05 The InLife experience has been extraordinary. From product to the people that I have the pleasure to associate with, it continues to be a rewarding experience. The InLife Alternative Smoking Device is a life changing product. The people that I have shown it to are blown away by it! It has a WOW factor that I have never before seen in a product. Getting people involved with InLife is one of the best things that I have accomplished. Friends and family are excited when they see what InLife is all about. I am living my dream now. I am able to provide smokers a choice and at the same time, helping others to find their financial freedom as well. I am living the "InLife".

Brian Lilly


anthony02I’m so excited with the opportunity presented here.  The product generates a lot of attention. My business has grown and I am looking at reaching my financial goals. We are helping other people as well while helping ourselves!  Thank you inLife, I'm pleased to be a part of your innovation!
--Anthony Attias Jr.


Hi! I'm Denise and there is no secret that InLife is an amazing and exciting technological breakthrough. I take it every where I go and watch as people literally come up to me asking where they can get one. Each time I see someone smoking, I can't wait to show off my inLife e-cig. I wake up daily knowing that I am making a difference. Being part of the InLife Team has been an "immediate explosive financial reward". Showing others how not to struggle financially is yet another bonus reward and blessing for both them and I! What's really great is I can still run my company and promote inLife doing what I normally do daily. Smokers are looking for an alternative and because of the incredible visionaries who started inLife, people now can now enjoy their freedom again. Thank you for the opportunity. - Denise Donovan


sloman I just want to tell you how great InLife product are. When I first started using them I was impressed. The more I used my InLife Elite, the more I was disgusted by real cigarettes. One day I was without my Elite, so I smoked a real cigarette. I was totally grossed out by the smell and the taste. I'm glad to say, and I thought I'd never say this, but I Love my InLife Elite more than cigarettes. Now that's a good thing in my mind, as far as I'm concerned . Thank you so much for such a wonderful alternative to the cigarette brand I've been smoking for 24 years. In fact, I have been telling everyone that I care about and anyone I see smoking about this wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes. In doing so, I have already introduced HUNDREDS of people to the alternative smoking device. The best part is that I get compensated for that and am able to be financially rewarded at the same time. What a great deal!! I am so thankful to be a part of INLIFE! - Paul Sloman