About inLife
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Founded in 2007 by a team of successful business entrepreneurs, inLife offers two things. First, we strive to offer high quality products that are state-of-the art and focused on offering individuals logical alternatives while simultaneously demonstrating accountability to the environment. Second, inLife offers individuals, just like you, a remarkable income opportunity. We exist to provide a secure, enjoyable and rewarding business opportunity through a dynamic and exciting business system - a way to bring more money into your household and more freedom into your life.

Our co-founders, Craig Youngblood, Simon Lu, Steve Youngblood, Gino Ferrare and David Allen Baker have a long history of experience starting and running successful businesses, as well as many years in the direct selling industry. These factors equip inLife with a firm foundation.

We are committed to staying both progressive and profitable, while keeping at the top of our priorities the integrity of the products, the reliability of the compensation plans and the commitment to our team of independent distributors.

By combining the unlimited growth potential of direct sales with a groundbreaking and exciting new products, we believe that inLife has created one of the most amazing business opportunities to ever hit the direct selling industry.